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For individuals:

  • The passport
  • Driver’s license
  •  Minimum driver age – 21 years
    For legal entities:
  • Registration certificate
  • Power of attorney from the organization to sign the contract
  • Extract from the trade register
  • Passport and rights for an employee admitted to driving a car


  • Includes technical inspection, compulsory insurance (PZP), emergency insurance ( CDW – 10% deductible, minimum from 200 to 300€), vignette for toll roads in Slovakia.
  • The rental price does not include fuel costs, paid parking and fines.


  • The beginning of the lease is calculated from the moment of signing the vehicle acceptance certificate and for the period stipulated by the vehicle acceptance certificate.
  • The car is rented for a period of at least 24 hours (when renting for a shorter period, payment is charged for a full day).
  • Payment for rent is made by an advance method in cash or by non-cash payment method.
  • The Lessee is obliged to return the car to the Lessor with all accessories and documents, fully loaded, in good working order, in accordance with the condition recorded in the report at the time of taking the car from the Lessor, in a clean interior and exterior surface, taking into account natural wear and tear. If, upon return, the external condition of the car makes it difficult to inspect it, the inspection is carried out only after washing
  • If the renter returns the car with a delay of more than 2 hours on the day of the end of the rental period, the delay is paid as an additional day.
  • If, upon return, the external condition of the car makes it difficult to inspect it, the inspection is carried out only after washing.
  • To ensure the fulfillment of all monetary (payment) obligations in relation to the Landlord, the Tenant, at the time of signing the contract, leaves money as collateral in the amount established in the Act. If the Lessee fails to fulfill or does not properly fulfill his obligations towards the Lessor, the Lessor has the right to satisfy his claims against the Lessee at the expense of the pledged funds. The amount of the deposit can be handed over to the Lessor using a bank card, as well as in cash. The refund of the deposit (cancellation of the blocking) is made after inspecting the car.
  • After the Lessee fulfills all obligations in relation to the Lessor, the pledged funds are fully or partially returned. If the amount of the Lessee’s obligations exceeds the amount of the pledged funds, the Lessor has the right to fully direct the pledged funds to fulfill the Lessee’s obligations and demand to pay the unsecured part of the obligation.
  • The transfer and return of the Car is carried out at the place of the Lessor’s activities on working days and hours, outside this / outside the office and on non-working days and / or hours / these actions can be performed only with the consent of the Lessor and in case of additional payment. Working days and hours are determined on the Lessor’s official website.
  • The Lessee accepts that failure to return the Car to the Lessor at the specified time and place will be considered theft, and after 24 hours, the Lessor may notify the law enforcement agencies of the crime. If the Car is returned later than the appointed time, the Lessee is obliged to pay fines in accordance with these Regulations.


  • The renter can cancel a reservation paid in full or in part no later than 48 hours before the start of the rental without paying a penalty. If the booking is canceled less than 48 hours before the start of the rental, the funds will be refunded in full, except for a penalty of 1 (one) day of rental.
  • You can change your booking by calling +421951245740 or by email.


  • The Lessee is not entitled to carry out repairs, alterations, re-equipment, to carry out constructive or intervention of any other nature, to install additional equipment or devices, technical means and devices on the Car. The Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor about all technical and other deficiencies of the rented Car that have arisen from the moment of acceptance from the Lessor. The Lessor, at his own expense, performs work to eliminate the technical defects of the rented Car, if these defects have arisen for a reason beyond the control of the Lessee.
  • If deficiencies and other circumstances that prevent the use and operation of the Automobile have arisen as a result of improper operation or use of the vehicle by the Lessee, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor the costs of eliminating the deficiencies and other circumstances impeding the use and operation.
  • To operate the Car if there are faults, deficiencies, technical and / or other circumstances that prevent the use and operation of the Car.
  • Transportation of large animals
  • Transportation and / or storage of flammable items (cargo)
  • Driving under the influence of alcoholic, drug intoxication
  • Participate in car rallies
  • Use the car for training, in speed tests, as a taxi / transfer, etc.
  • Load with a load exceeding the prescribed
  • The car cannot simultaneously contain the number of passengers exceeding the maximum permissible number
  • Do not transfer the right to drive a car to other persons, except those specified in the contract and the act, including persons who do not have the right to drive a car, persons in a state of alcoholic and / or drug intoxication


  • Within the terms specified in this agreement, pay the rent to the Landlord and all amounts payable specified in this Regulation.
  • In case of termination of the contract, return the Car to the Lessor and sign the Act. In case of early termination of the agreement, the Lessor has the right not to return the full cost of the car rental to the Lessee.
  • Do not drive, do not use, do not operate the Car under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic drugs and drugs.
  • Do not transfer the right to drive a car to other persons other than those specified in the contract and act, including persons who are not entitled to drive a car, persons in a state of alcoholic and / or drug intoxication.
  • Constantly monitor the good condition of the Car, perform all those necessary actions and at the frequency set by the Car manufacturer according to the conditions and rules of use and operation, including checking the presence of engine oil, refueling the Car only with authorized ones, for refueling, watch the lamps Car, signaling the health of this or that equipment.
  • Stop using the Car, driving if there are any faults, deficiencies, technical and / or other circumstances that impede the use and operation of the Car.
  • Observe the traffic rules and independently bear responsibility for the violations committed by paying the amount of the stipulated fines.
  • Park the Car in a parking space, close the doors and trunk of the Car when parking, turn on the anti-theft system and do not leave its keys and documents in the Car. Keys and documents must be with the Lessee and under his constant supervision. If the Car is stolen, the Lessee is obliged to return the original keys and documents of the Car.
  • The costs of operating the Car, or related and / or arising from this, are borne by the Lessee, including fuel costs, fines payable for administrative offenses committed by the Car, established tariffs in paid private parking lots, as well as transportation costs, as a result of improper use of the Vehicle or as a result of an accident.
  • If you notice technical malfunctions, immediately inform the Lessor about it without moving the vehicle.
  • Be responsible for technical malfunction or defects in the components of the Car and their loss. If during the operation of the Car there are technical malfunctions or deficiencies not through the fault of the Lessor and the further operation of the Car has become dangerous, then he has the right to demand to replace the rented Car with the same type of Car.
  • In the event of an accident, as well as the loss of the Car (or its component parts), immediately inform the Lessor and the police about it, assist in the drafting of acts in accordance with the law and the preparation of appropriate certificates, submit them to the Lessor.


  • Replace the Car with another vehicle if the Car has malfunctions, is not suitable for use or its further use will cause a malfunction.
  • During the term of the agreement, at its own expense, eliminate those malfunctions that prevent the use and operation of the Car, the occurrence of which is not due to the action or inaction of the Lessee.
  • Provide the Lessee with all the necessary documents for the use and operation of the Car.


The Lessee accepts that, as the legal owner of the Car, he is responsible for immediately informing the Lessor about insured events (accident, road accident, etc.) and this obligation must be fulfilled in accordance with the law, in accordance with the procedure and terms established by the insurance contract. It is not allowed to move the vehicle without the permission of the Lessor.

If the culprit of the insurance accident The Lessee or the guilty party is absent or impossible to determine, as well as in the event of loss of component parts, damage or theft, car fire, regardless of the amount of damage caused, the lessee shall reimburse the lessor in the amount of 10% of the damage caused, at least 200 €. If the vehicle is operated in violation of the terms of the rental agreement, the insurance coverage does not apply. In this case, the lessee bears full financial responsibility. If the amount of the deposit does not cover the amount of the damage, the tenant is obliged to pay the damage in the part not covered by the deposit. The “extra insurance SCDW” service reduces the lessee’s financial liability to 0%.

Basic accident insurance (CDW) and extra accident insurance (SCDW) do not cover damages caused as a result of a breach of the following conditions:

  • Damage caused intentionally or as a result of gross negligence on the part of the driver. 
  • Damage caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol, stimulants or sedatives or was unable to drive safely.
  • Damage caused by animals on the road.
  • Any damage to the interior.
  • Damage that is caused in places where the vehicle must not be driven (ford, lake, snow blockages, etc). When the driver is forced to leave the main road due to a road repair, the insurance compensates the damage.
  • Loss / dislocation of keys in the vehicle.
  • Loss of documents.
  • Using the wrong type of fuel.
  • Tire damage.
  • Theft of the car with documents and/or keys inside.
  • In the event of one of the above situations, the amount of the co-participation will be calculated based on the cost of repairing the damage.
  • In case of non-reimbursement of losses caused to the Car or third parties (their property, health, passengers) by the insurance company, when the refusal to provide compensation is due to the action or inaction of the Lessee, the damage caused to the Car, third parties (their property, health) shall be reimbursed by the Lessee.
  • The Lessor is not responsible for the damage caused by the Lessee to third parties who have suffered during the entire period of the Lessee’s possession of the Car.
  • In case of any incident, any loss, any damage, the Lessee must submit an act drawn up in accordance with the procedure established by law, as well as satisfactory information about other parties, participants in the incident or witnesses. The landlord is not authorized to accept claims submitted by any person.
  • In case of violation of the terms of the lease agreement, all losses incurred by the Lessor are subject to compensation by the Lessee.


  • If the Car is returned with unfilled fuel, for each missing liter of fuel, a fine of 15 EUR and price of PHM.
  • Loss of documents – 300 EUR
  • Loss of keys – 400 EUR
  • In case of violation of the obligation to return the Car (return later than the deadline for 2 hours), the Lessee pays a penalty in the amount of the daily rent
  • In case of loss / damage of additional equipment, as well as elements of the car interior (child seat, GPS device, interior trim, etc.), the fine is 30 euro and the full cost of this equipment on the day of receipt of the car, or, if possible, the price of eliminating this damage / breakage.
  • In case of detection of traces of smoking in the car a fine is 200 (two hundred) Euro.
  • Excessive dirty exterier – 15 euro. Excessive dirty interior-50 euro.
  • In case of violation of traffic rules, the Company reserves the right to collect a fine from you, and also pays the amount of organizational services to pay this fine in the amount of 10 euro.
  • Penalty for refueling the wrong fuel-2000 euro.
  • Penalty for non – compliance with the service interval of the car-300 euro.
  • The fine for traveling abroad without the consent of the company – 100 euro.
  • Registration numbers damage loss/theft – 35 euros and a fine in the amount of 20 euro.
  • Picking up the vehicle outside the agreed location (the number of kilometers is calculated from the office BARKRO s.r.o., Bosakova 9, 851 04, Bratislava) also in case of necessary towing of the vehicle – 0.90 EUR/km in Slovakia, 1.21 EUR/km abroad.
  • The lessor has the right, at his discretion, to use or not to use his right to collect forfeits, fines stipulated by the contract and determine the term for their presentation and / or set the period during which penalties, fines are charged and / or collected and / or set the date for calculating the forfeit, the fine provided for by this agreement and / or collect in full or reduce the amount of penalties, fines provided for in this agreement.
  • In case of violation of traffic rules, the Lessor reserves the right to additionally charge and demand payment, and the Lessee undertakes to pay a fine for violation of traffic rules on the basis of the Lessor’s invoice, or the Lessor has the right to unilaterally, without the prior consent of the Lessee, withhold a fine from the amount of the deposit under the agreement.


  • Child seat – for free
  • Extra insurance SCDW (0%) – 20 € / day
  • Navigation (GPS) – 3 € / day
  • Service “Additional driver” – 1 € / day
  • Snow chains – 1 € / day
  • Car delivery during non working hours from 22:00 to 7:00 – 10 € (Excluding airport Bratislava and Bosakova 9) 
  • Transfer from Vienna airport to Bratislava – 25 €
  • Delivery to Vienna airport – 35 € 
  • Pick-up from Vienna airport – 35 €
  • Delivery to Vienna city – 50 € 
  • Pick-up from Vienna city – 50 €
  • Delivery within Bratislava for free; Delivery / pick-up  far from Bratislava – 0,31 € / km
  • Pick-up from: Bratislava airport, Central Bus Station “Mlynské Nivy”, Central Train Station, Bosakova 9 – for free
  • Pick-up from any address within Bratislava – 7 €
  • The summer season (15.06 – 30.09) fee is 15%  


  • 1-3 days – 300 km per day
  • 4-10 days – 250 km per day
  • 11-20 days – 200 km per day
  • 21 days or more – 150 km per day
  • More – 0.12 € / km

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